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VIP Package Changes - Six Month Anniversary - Affiliate System
Wed, 22 Oct 2014 20:19:06 +0000

Hi folks!

We've got some exciting changes coming up for FreebieServers!  As you can see, our site redesign is well underway, we're trying to make your experience here as hassle-free as possible!  We've been going strong for six months now, and we wanted to thank you for coming along for the ride!  Thanks to all of you who have helped support our little company, to help us provide free game servers to everyone!

We do have some changes in our billing packages to...

Site Updates & More
Mon, 13 Oct 2014 09:25:10 +0000

As we grow and expand we find ourselves in need of more advanced technology and ideas,

to that end we are dedicating significant resources to the redesign of our website, billing system, panel software and ticket system.

Within the next few months you will notice our web software upgrade piece by piece, we ask that you be patient and remember that this is for your own good.


The first thing we intend to roll out will be the new website, which should be...

Recent Account Deletions
Sun, 20 Jul 2014 20:33:34 +0000

Hey there - we recently pruned accounts for a number of reasons; 

We apologize for the lack of communication however if you fall under this category you will understand why.


Customize your package with upgrades and only pay for what you use!


You offer free game servers? What’s The Catch?

At FreebieServers.com, we provide our clients with free game servers with a Freemium approach. The only strings attached for free servers is that your server will be fitted with an MOTD that displays an ad from our ad network and the servers to be consistently populated. Only one free server per IP address and community – please don’t be greedy the servers are for everyone. We also offer several paid upgrades for consideration. Our VIP package lets YOU choose the MOTD and you can have as many slots as you see fit on 5 game servers of your choice. All for one flat price!

Tiered Server Support

While we provide our servers for free, our support structure is tiered based on paying vs non-paying clients. While we do try to support our free servers, priority is given to tickets submitted by our VIP members. The response time for your support ticket may will vary, but are structured as follows:

  • Free Members: Ticket response within first 24-36 hours

  • VIP Members: Ticket response within the first 12 hours

*Please note that free customer support is limited to helping prevent downtime and crashes, mod installs and configurations are your responsibility.

How Do I Sign Up for a Server?

If you are ready to get your server online, Click “Order Now” on the main page and follow these steps:

  1. Select Your Package: Click the ORDER NOW link at the bottom of each category, then find your preferred game and click the ORDER NOW button

  2. Complete the registration form and submit

  3. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to activate your server package


Please note that your server must maintain population consistently. The minimum requirement for population is subject to change. Any server with with no activity during any 2 week period will be disabled. While we will do our best to contact you and notify you with a warning, please remember that your server is in fact FREE. We reserve the right to shut off any service with or without warning. We will try our best to preserve your IP Address and port, however we make no promise to maintain them as assignment is random due to the nature of our system. Keep in mind we are maintaining our system and some times your server may not be available for some times - our upgrade process is still being refined and we will make every effort to notify users of downtime in advance.